The Y-CAP Garden is a community service project partnership between the YMCA and the Orange Grove Center Group Home (a home for the physically and mentally disabled). Our vegetable and fruit garden is planted and cared for by the Y-CAP students. 

Lessons the Garden Teaches:
The Y-CAP students learn responsibility and hard work as they care for the garden and exercise their writing abilities as they journal their gardening activities. The rabbits and fish in the garden, used to create fertilizer, are also cared for by the kids. The students later interact with the residents of Orange Grove as they donate part of the harvest, giving them an opportunity to work on valuable social skills.

Healthy Living:
Part of the harvest will go to the families of the Y-CAP students. The students will have the chance to eat healthier, more nutritious food thanks to our garden. The garden will also teach the students' parents and families the value of healthy living. 

What Our Garden Grows:
Fruits like peaches, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon, cantaloupe and grapes are all grown in our garden. We also have vegetables such as okra and squash, and spices. This food will give the residents of Orange Grove, our kids and the community a healthier future. 

Volunteer Opportunities:
Although the students take care of the garden, they are just kids. We need volunteers to help them trim and pick the fruits and vegetables, as well as plant and reap in the fall. 

Orange Grove Center
1002 E Main Street
Chattanooga, TN
Contact Info:
Andy Smith
Y-CAP Regional Director